Moringa Seed Deodorant

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Moringa seed is another amazing aspect of the moringa tree. It makes one of the finest oleic oils on the planet and has been consumed as an oil and whole seed by various cultures for millennia. It is also used by a number of major cosmetic companies as a carrier and moisturizing oil.

Moringa seed can purify water ( Folkard study) and is often used in third world countries for making clean drinking water. The reason it can purify water is due to the positive magnetic charge in the proteins that attract gram negative bacteria, the bacteria then flocculate together and sinks to the bottom of the vessel. Moringa seed neutralizes bacteria on the skin and prevents the production of odor. It is quite amazing. This formula is also moisturizing.

We only use finely ground moringa seed and moringa oil to make into a paste which allows it to be spread evenly. Our paste is unscented and has no added fillers or binding agent. Just seed and oil That's all.

You only need a small amount, like the size of a dime. Apply with your finger or an applicator a thin layer that can't be seen after applying. . One jar should last you for months.

It makes no scents at all....