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Of the 12 moringa species we sell both the Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala species. Oleifera is the fastest growing and most highly productive of all the species. Stenopetala is a heftier tree. They can achieve full maturity in 2 years and be productive in a matter of months. Moringa originated in India and has flourished all around the world for centuries. Spanish missionaries brought it to Baja California in the 1500's. Explorers took it all over the world especially to those zones where the climate is ideal for it, Central America, South America, Africa, the Asian Pacific and the Philippines.

For portability or space limitations you can grow moringa in PVC, ceramic or metal tubes with great results. The optimal size tube has a 6" diameter and is 3 ft long. The length allows the taproot to thrive in a soft medium and achieve superior length while the 6 inch diameter permits the root to expand laterally. Tubes or 24" length are OK too but the longer tube is optimal. Fill the tube with organic potting soil, worm castings, sea minerals and organic compost. Plant the sapling or bare seeds on top of the tube leaving 3-6 inches recessed from the top for water capture. Good planting...... Let us know if you would like a Stenopetala in place of an Oleifera.