Lion's Mane

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Lions Mane:
Hericium Erinaceus

Lions Mane has become one of the most popular mushrooms in America in the last few years. Beloved by master chefs and health food practitioners, it's cultivation and use is certainly on the rise. It has a delightful seafood taste when fresh, chefs use it as a crab substitute. 

In its dehydrated form, it contributes to healthy brain functioning.

We are most pleased to have our own locally grown source from New River Mushrooms in West Viriginia. Our shrooms are grown in carefully controlled conditions and dried for a respectable shelf life. So you won't find a fresher source of Lions Mane unless you buy direct from a grower, like us. We put the manufacture date on the label for you. 

We urge you to research Lions Mane on the National Instiute of Health website, to learn more of the latest research on its properties. 

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We guarantee our Lions Mane like the rest of our products. We will refund your purchase upon receipt of the returned product within 30 days of purchase date.